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Common Client Issues
  • Emotional dysregulation: sudden emotional changes leaving one feeling lack of control.

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks: feelings of uneasiness, fear, or apprehension about future events, situations, or uncertainties.

  • Depressive symptoms: pervasive feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyable.

  • Relationship Issues: communication, intimacy, sexual, trust, cultural or religious differences, substance use, abuse, infidelity, parenthood, family dynamics.

  • Traumatic Experiences: flashbacks, intrusive images of past events or experiences. Accidents.

  • Abuse: sexual, physical, mental, emotional.

  • Lack of Direction in Life: feeling lost, disconnected, feeling stuck.

  • Lack of Belonging: feeling like an outsider, isolation.

  • Bi-Cultural Issues: difficulty integrating competing cultural values.

  • Boundaries: difficulty with identifying and sharing needs.

  • Communication Issues: hard time with understanding and expressing oneself. 

  • Imposter Syndrome: self-doubt, perfectionism, discounting success, fear of failure.

  • Dissatisfaction with Quality of Life. Lack of Meaning in Life. Nihilism. 

  • Life Transitions: endings, moving, loss, separation.

  • Death: confronting death of a loved one, near-death experiences, terminal illness.

  • Grief: Difficulty with 'letting go' of the past. 

  • Substance Use, Addiction, Self-Destructive Behavior.

  • Guilt, Shame, Self-Worth. ​

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