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Do you experience?

  • Emotional dysregulation; sudden changes in emotions

  • Anxiety, feeling on edge, strong emotional and physical sensations

  • Low mood, little interest in activities,  disconnection

  • Shame, feeling like you are not good enough, inadequate

  • Feeling of helplessness, lack of control in life

  • Feeling unsafe, felt sense of danger​

  • Fear of judgement and disappointing others 

  • Lack of direction in life 

  • Feeling like you don't belong; an outsider

  • Re-occuring thoughts about past or worry about the future

  • Flashbacks, intrusive images of traumatic event

  • Guilt, hyperawareness of others' emotions and needs 

  • Feeling stuck in repeating relational patterns

  • Conflict averse​; difficulty to share your needs and establish boundaries

  • Feeling sorry for yourself. "Why me?"

  • Regret; "I should've known better"

Therapy Session

What to Expect:

Initial Session: 50-Minutes

Subsequent Sessions: 50-Minutes 

FREE:15-minutes phone consultation upon request

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