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About Me

Welcome, I am Gayane Ghazaryan, Registered Clinical Counesellor (#17499). 

I believe in your power for change, healing and growth. In therapy, we will work together to process the past, show up in the present and reflect on the future. There is pain that lives in all of us; however, you can choose to tend to your pain to find the pathway to overcoming and healing. 


I tune in to your problems by creating an atmosphere of safety and trust. I want you to feel heard and to be understood; only then will you be able to make sense of the inner dialogue that so often is confusing and unattended. As you bring forth the hidden parts of yourself, your authentic self comes to light


Talking cures and there is inherent healing power in connection.

In therapy, I focus on guiding you to create connection; 1) with yourself, 2) with others, and, 3) with the world around you. Meaningful connections are the active agent of mental and emotional well-being.

I invite you to connect today!

Languages: English, Armenian, Russian.

Gayane Ghazaryan, MCP, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Master of Counselling Psychology 

Bachelor of Science in Psychology 

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